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Cheap and discount hotels and accommodation in Marrakech, Morocco

All Aboard the Marrakech Express

Morocco is a wonderful destination for either a short break or a dual centre holiday. Step back in time to a world of ancient civilisations, time honoured traditions, plus delicious & exotic food.

Marrakech is the jewel of the south, one of the four Imperial cities of Morocco, and an important cultural and commercial center set at the foot of the High Atlas mountains.

Marrakech is a city of vibrancy and solemnity, souk and square, palace and riad, mosque and garden. It is a city wrapped in faded red, ochre walls, and dominated by the Koutoubia mosque, visible from throughout the city.

At its center is the deservedly famous Djemaa el Fna - a public space unlike any found in any city in Morocco, or the world. In the evenings, as dusk approaches, the square hums with the activity of musicians, food vendors, storytellers, snake charmers, the curious, the odd. The spirit in the square is one of mystery, magic and possibility.

Our customer's tips and city guides for Marrakech:

"Le Jardin Majorelle is a must, so tranquil amidst the hustle and bustle of the city. There are so many great little patisseries and restaruants that you will never go hungry (I.E. Amandines, Keshmara). It is a vibrant, changing city and full of suprises. The open top bus tour is great but if you enjoy walking you will see much more by foot and save a pricey sum too! Becareful in the Souks, you may get a bargain but you could just as easily get lost! "
Miss A Christie of Warrington (Young couple) stayed: Amalay Hotel, Feb 2008

"If you are there to shop then go immediately to the government stores which are just up the street from the Islam. they do not haggle and give you a realistic idea of the price you should be paying for articles. The Lonely Planet has a walking tour in their book which is great. Go on a tour outside of the city into the Atlas Mt. but research your tour as the one I went on was great in alot of ways but was also limiting as you stop where the guide gets his best rate. Perhaps renting a car is a good idea. Or private driver and already have your route researched. "
Ms R King of Invermere (Mature adult friends) stayed: Islane Hotel, Jan 2008

"Be prepared for some hard bartering and don't be afraid of walking away if they won't shift on price. "
Miss G Hutton of Durham (Young adult friends) stayed: Amalay Hotel, Jan 2008

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Adam Park Hotel And Spa
Adama By Residhotel
Agdal Hotel
Al Fassia Aguedal Hotel
Al Kabir Hotel
Al Qantara Hotel
Albatros Club Marrakech Hotel
Ali Hotel
Amalay Hotel
Amani Hotel
Amine Hotel
Angsana Riad Aida Hotel
Angsana Riad Bab Firdaus Hotel
Angsana Riad Blanc Hotel
Angsana Riad Collection Hotel
Angsana Riad Dar Zaouia Hotel
Angsana Riad Lydines Hotel
Angsana Riad Si Said Hotel
Angsana Riad Tiwaline Hotel
Appart Hotel Amina
Appartements Janat Azaitoune Hotel
Assounfou Hotel
Atlas Asni Hotel
Atlas Medina And Spa Hotel
Atlas Targa Hotel
Ayoub Hotel
Azukar Hotel
Bab Hotel
Bled Al Fassia Hotel
Bluebay Marrakech Hotel
Casa Lalla Hotel
Cesar Resort And Spa Hotel
Chems Hotel
Chz Momo Ii Hotel
Club Aqua Fun Hotel
Club Les Almoravides Hotel
Club Sangho Privilege Hotel
Club Sango Privilege Hotel
Corail Hotel
Coralia Club Palmariva Marrakech Hotel
Coralia Club Palmariva Marrakech Hotel
Crystal Hotel
Dar Achaiah Hotel
Dar Al Assad Hotel
Dar Atta Hotel
Dar Baya Hotel
Dar Beija Hotel
Dar Catalina Hotel
Dar Cherif Hotel
Dar Choumissa Hotel
Dar El Assafir Hotel
Dar Guerris Hotel
Dar Ikalimo Hotel
Dar Jeeling Hotel
Dar Kantzaro Hotel
Dar Lalla Fdila Hotel
Dar Lholoum Hotel
Dar Limoun Amara Hotel
Dar Maison Do Hotel
Dar Meryem Hotel
Dar Moame (.) Hotel
Dar Nabila Hotel
Dar Naciria Hotel
Dar Naima Hotel
Dar Narjis Hotel
Dar Ouali Hotel
Dar Ouladna Hotel
Dar Rania Hotel
Dar Rhizlane Hotel
Dar Shama Hotel
Dar Shana Hotel
Dar Souihla Hotel
Dar Souihla Les Dars D Orient Hotel
Dar Tassa Hotel
Dar Tifavine Hotel
Dar Widanane Hotel
Dar Zemrane Hotel
Dellarosa Hotel
Dellarosa Hotel
Demeures D'Orient Hotel
Diwane Hotel
Domaine De La Roseraie Hotel
Domaine Des Remparts Hotel
Domaine Du Douare Hotel
Domaine Tarik Hotel
Douar Al Hana Hotel
Du Golf Hotel
Du Pacha Hotel
Eden Andalou Spa And Resort Hotel
Eden Andalou Spa Resort Hotel
El Andalous Hotel
Eldorador Hotel
Es Saadi Hotel
Es Saadi Palace Hotel
Fellah Hotel
Ferme El Dar Hotel
Flat Apart Slimania Hotel
Golden Tulip Farah Hotel
Golden Tulip Rawabi Marrakech Hotel
Hcekarram Hotel
Hicham Hotel
Hivernage And Spa Hotel
Hotel Akabar
Hotel Ali
Hotel Almas
Hotel Amalay
Hotel De Foucauld
Hotel El Hadna
Hotel Fashion
Hotel Le Marrakech
Hotel Les Almoravides
Hotel Tachfine
House Of Fusion Marrakech Hotel
Ibis Moussafir Marrakech Centre Gare Hotel
Ibis Moussafir Marrakech Palmeraie Hotel
Imperial Borj Hotel
Imperial Holiday Hotel
Imperial Plaza Hotel
Imperial Plaza Hotel
In Club Palmeraie Resort Hotel
Islane Hotel
Jardin D'Ines Hotel
Jnane Allia Hotel
Kasbah Agounsane Hotel
Kasbah Dar Ilham Hotel
Kasbah Igoudar Boutique Hotel And Spa
Kasbah Le Mirage Hotel
Kasbah Le Mirage Hotel
Kasbah Tiwaline Hotel
Kech Boutique Hotel And Spa
Kenza Hotel
Kenzi Club Agdal Medina Hotel
Kenzi Farah Hotel
Kenzi Menara Palace Resort And Spa Hotel
Kenzi Oasis Hotel
Kenzi Semiramis Hotel
Kenzi Semiramis Hotel
Ksar Anika Hotel
Ksar Shama Hotel
La Bergerie Hotel
La Maison Des Oliviers Hotel
La Maison Nomade Hotel
La Parenthese De Marrakech Hotel
La Renaissance Hotel
La Villa Des Golfs Hotel
La Villa Kacy Hotel
Lalla Calipau Marrakech Hotel
Las Palmeras Hotel
Las Palmeras Hotel
Lawrence D'Arabie Hotel
Le Caspien Hotel
Le Meridien N'Fis Hotel
Le Palais Sebban Hotel
Le Palmeraie Village Hotel
Le Pavillon Du Golf Hotel
Le Village De Toubkal And Spa Hotel
Le Visir Center Park And Resort Hotel
Les Borjs De La Kasbah Hotel
Les Bougainvilliers Hotel
Les Cles De Sud Hotel
Les Deux Tours Hotel
Les Deux Tours Palmeraie Hotel Marrakech
Les Hibiscus Hotel
Les Idrissides Hotel
Les Jardins D'Ines Hotel
Les Jardins De Agdal Hotel And Spa
Les Jardins De La Koutoubia Hotel
Les Jardins De La Medina Hotel
Les Seuils De L'Atlas Hotel
Les Terres M'Barka Hotel
Les Trois Palmiers Hotel
Maison Arabo-Andalouse Hotel
Maison D'Hote Les Jardins De Zyriab Hotel
Majorelle Hotel
Mansour Eddahbi Hotel
Marquise Villa Hotel
Marrakech Garden Hotel
Marrakech Ryads Parc And Spa Hotel
Medina Loft Hotel
Miryem Hotel
Mont Gueliz Hotel
Moroccan House Hotel
Mosaic Palais Aziza And Spa Hotel
Murano Oriental Resort Hotel
Murano Resort Marrakech Hotel
Naoura Barriere-Lucien Barriere Hotel
Nassim Hotel
Nassim Hotel
Oliveraie De Marigha Hotel
Opera Plaza Hotel
Oudaya Hotel
Palais Calipau Marrakech Hotel
Palais De L'O Hotel
Palais El Miria Hotel
Palais Jana Hotel
Palais Medali Hotel And Spa
Palais Mehdi Hotel
Palais Noor El Jena Hotel
Palais Soltan Riad And Spa Hotel
Palais Targa Hotel
Palm Plaza Hotel And Spa
Palmeraie Golf Palace Hotel
Palmeraie Golf Palace And Resort Hotel
Palmeraie Village Hotel
Pavillon Du Golf Hotel
Pleniterra Hotel
Pullman Marrakech Palmeraie Resort And Spa Hotel
Raid Taylor Hotel
Red Hotel
Red House Hotel
Residence Des Golfs Hotel
Residence Ezzahia Hotel
Riad ' O Hotel
Riad 1001 Nuits Hotel
Riad 12 Hotel
Riad 34 Hotel
Riad 58 Blu Hotel
Riad 72 Hotel
Riad Ailen Hotel
Riad Ain Marrakech Hotel
Riad Akka Hotel
Riad Al Assala Hotel
Riad Al Badia Hotel
Riad Al Jasira Hotel
Riad Al Ksar And Spa Hotel
Riad Al Mansoura Hotel
Riad Aladdin Hotel
Riad Alida Hotel
Riad Alkaderi Hotel
Riad Alma Hotel
Riad Altair Hotel
Riad Alwane Hotel
Riad Ambre Et Epices Hotel
Riad Amina Hotel
Riad Amira Victoria And Spa Hotel
Riad Amiris Hotel
Riad Armelle Hotel
Riad Asna Hotel
Riad Assalam Hotel
Riad Attouyour Hotel
Riad Awinati Hotel
Riad Ayadina Hotel
Riad Baraka And Karam Hotel
Riad Barroko Hotel
Riad Ben Youssef Hotel
Riad Bianca Hotel
Riad Bleu Du Sud Hotel
Riad Caesar Hotel
Riad Calista Hotel
Riad Carina Hotel
Riad Catalina Hotel
Riad Chennaoui Hotel
Riad Chergui Hotel
Riad Chorfa Hotel
Riad Cle De Sol Hotel
Riad Cocoon Hotel
Riad Dama Hotel
Riad Dar Aicha Hotel
Riad Dar Amane Hotel
Riad Dar Bounouar Hotel
Riad Dar Elma And Spa Hotel
Riad Dar Foundouk And Spa Hotel
Riad Dar Ftouma Hotel
Riad Dar Ilham Hotel
Riad Dar Justo Hotel
Riad Dar Latifa Hotel
Riad Dar Lila Hotel
Riad Dar Loula Hotel
Riad Dar More Hotel
Riad Dar Mumtaz Hotel
Riad Dar Nadir Hotel
Riad Dar Palmyra Hotel
Riad Dar Rassam Hotel
Riad Dar Safia Hotel
Riad Dar Sohane Hotel
Riad Dar Tarik Hotel
Riad Dar Zaman Hotel
Riad Daria Hotel
Riad Daria Hotel
Riad Diana Hotel
Riad Djemanna Hotel
Riad Du Petit Prince Hotel
Riad Dubai Hotel
Riad Due Hotel
Riad El Dar Hotel
Riad El Farah Hotel
Riad El Nour Hotel
Riad Farnatchi Hotel
Riad Fatinat Marrakech Hotel
Riad Flam Hotel
Riad Habib Hotel
Riad Hamdane And Spa Hotel
Riad Heritage Hotel
Riad Herougui Hotel
Riad Ifoulki Hotel
Riad Inaka Hotel
Riad Ineslisa Hotel
Riad Itrane Hotel
Riad Itrane Hotel
Riad Jardin Des Reves Hotel
Riad Kantarell Hotel
Riad Karmanda Hotel
Riad Karmela Hotel
Riad Kasbah Caracalla Hotel
Riad L'Oiseau Du Paradis Hotel
Riad L'Orange Bleue Hotel
Riad La Croix Berbere Hotel
Riad La Croix Berbere De Luxe Hotel
Riad La Maison Rouge Hotel
Riad La Parenthèse Hotel
Riad La Rose Dorient Hotel
Riad Laila Hotel
Riad Le Coq Berbere Hotel
Riad Le Coq Fou Hotel
Riad Le Jardin D'Abdou Hotel
Riad Le Perroquet Bleu Hotel
Riad Le Plein Sud Hotel
Riad Les Deux Tours Hotel
Riad Les Oliviers Hotel
Riad Les Orangers D'Alilia Hotel
Riad Linda Hotel
Riad Lora And Kenza Hotel
Riad Lotus Ambre Hotel
Riad Lotus Perle Hotel
Riad Lotus Privilege Hotel
Riad Lotus Savinio Hotel
Riad Ma Maison Hotel
Riad Madani Hotel
Riad Malhoun Hotel
Riad Marrakiss Hotel
Riad Massaoud Hotel
Riad Mazal Hotel
Riad Minorisa Hotel
Riad Monceau Hotel
Riad Moucharabieh Hotel
Riad Moullaoud Hotel
Riad Nashira&Spa Hotel
Riad Nerja Hotel
Riad Omar Hotel
Riad Omar Hotel
Riad Opale Hotel
Riad Opale Design Hotel
Riad Origines Hotel
Riad Palais Mehdi Hotel
Riad Pourpre Hotel
Riad Prestige Evanescence Hotel
Riad Qodwa Hotel
Riad Rafaele Hotel
Riad Rimas Hotel
Riad Roukaya Hotel
Riad Sable Chaud Hotel
Riad Sadaka Hotel
Riad Sara And Saara Srira Hotel
Riad Schanez Hotel
Riad Serail Hotel
Riad Shaden Hotel
Riad Shaloma Hotel
Riad Shemsi Hotel
Riad Sidi Ayoub Hotel
Riad Sidi Ayoub Hotel
Riad Sidi Mimoune Hotel
Riad Slitine Hotel
Riad Souari Hotel
Riad Sougtani Hotel
Riad Soundouss Hotel
Riad Suliman Hotel
Riad Swaka Hotel
Riad Tajmakane Hotel
Riad Taylor Hotel
Riad Tinmel Hotel
Riad Vendome And Spa Hotel
Riad Villa Des Trois Golfs Hotel
Riad Villa Wenge Hotel
Riad Viva Hotel
Riad Yamsara Hotel
Riad Zayane Hotel
Riad Zenith Hotel
Riad Zenithya Hotel
Riad Zitouna Hotel
Riad Zolah Hotel
Riads Lotus Collection Hotel
Rial Elsagaya Hotel
Riu Tikida Garden Hotel
Riu Tikida Palmeraie Hotel
Rose Sultan Hotel
Royal Decameron Issil Hotel
Royal Mirage De Luxe Hotel
Royal Mirage Marrakech Hotel
Ryad Amiran Hotel
Ryad Mogador Agdal Hotel
Ryad Mogador Agdal Hotel
Ryad Mogador Gueliz Hotel
Ryad Mogador Kasbah Hotel
Ryad Mogador Marrakech Hotel
Ryad Mogador Menara Hotel
Ryad Mogador Menzeh Hotel
Ryad Mogador Opera Hotel
Ryads Al Maaden Medina And Golfs Resort Hotel
Secret Garden Hotel
Sels D'Ailleurs Hotel
Shems Moon Suite And Spa Hotel
Sirayane Boutique Hotel And Spa
Sofitel Marrakech Hotel
Sofitel Marrakech Palais Imperial Hotel
Suitehotel Marrakech
Tachfine Hotel
Tafilalet Hotel
Taj Palace Marrakech Hotel
Tatfi De L'Atlas Hotel
Terre D'Amanar Hotel
Terre Resort And Spa Hotel
The Great Palace Hotel
The Villa By Hivernage Tamesloht Hotel
Tichka Hotel
Tigmiza Suites And Pavillions Hotel
Tikida Garden Hotel
Tropicana Hotel
Ushuaia La Villa Hotel
Villa 55 Hotel
Villa Al Assala Palmeraie Hotel
Villa Du Lac Hotel
Villa Du Riad Taylor Hotel
Villa Du Riad Taylor Hotel
Villa Guest Hotel
Villa Margot Hotel
Villa Nomade Hotel
Villa Warhol Hotel
Zalagh Kasbah Hotel And Spa

More customer tips and city guides for Marrakech:

"When visiting MArrakech I think it is important to consider if you really want to be inside the Medina. We stayed both in and out of it and thought that both were good but fulfill different functions. For more mature people we would recommend Amalay in Mohamed V. For younger people that like the buzz of the Medina, we would recommend to stay within the Medina. "
Ms A Echarte of Bristol (Young adult friends) stayed: Amalay Hotel, Dec 2007

"Dont go to this hotel. Do not stay in this area. Try to choose a place where there is 1 person at least that speaks fluent English otherwise you will have problems. It's definitely not the experience I was hoping for I was expecting a nice surprise. Next time I intend on doing my research before visiting a country especially the hotel I will be staying at. I am gob smacked. The reviews I read were all lies! "
Miss S Rajah of London (Young adult friends) stayed: Ryad Mogador Marrakech Hotel, Nov 2007

"If you wanted to get away to a green area there is one quite close, near the post office. "
Ms M Sanson of Croydon (Solo leisure) stayed: Amalay Hotel, Nov 2007

"Barter hard even with the taxi drivers but be polite and firm don't be afraid to walk away as you are likley to find the same thing in several other stores if it is over their cost price they will relent as you walk away! Have fun! Eat in the market place. Don't expect to find alchol in easy supply. "
Mr T Charlton of Tunbridge Wells (Young adult friends) stayed: Amalay Hotel, Dec 2007

" Take care when dealing with the market traders ! Can be viewed by Europeans as trying too hard to get money from us. Feel you are being robbed However the vast majority of local people very kind and helpful Try to see life beyound the tourist spots Its a beautiful city full of fascinating sights "
Mr A Scott of Ash Vale (Mature adult friends) stayed: Imperial Holiday Hotel, Dec 2007

"Don't trust anyone! The Marrakechies just love to overcharge, and so the best kept secret in the city is the going rate - for anything. Second is the way to anywhere, look a little uncertain, and you will be at Uncle Ali's market stall before you know it. Ask directions and they will try to charge for taking you there. We did not hire a guide, but I would consider doing so next time - Yes Next Time - I go. "
Mr C Woodward of Slough (Mature adult friends) stayed: Al Kabir Hotel, Nov 2007

"Go to Charly's cabana, Key west and Kechmara (excellent resturants and key west is a bar too!) Go to Majerelle garden, it's beautiful. Don't speak to locals unless you want them to be your tour guide...you'll see what I mean! "
Miss C Walmsley of London (Young couple) stayed: Amalay Hotel, Nov 2007

"Visit the medinas and souks. Great bargains can be found especially in silver jewellery and leather goods. Make sure you barter with them as the do try their luck at charging you high prices. "
Mr D Lake of Stanmore (Mature couple) stayed: Kenzi Farah Hotel, Oct 2007

"Imzi/izmi tours across the road. Open top bus tours start from stop across the road. One of the few places to sell local beer (and cheapest) 18mad for flag beer. "
Mr J Matthews of Colombieres Sur Orb (Mature adult friends) stayed: Amalay Hotel, Oct 2007

"Tips for the turits - Dont trust anibody there...everywhere they tray ask you money... Morrocco is amazing but if the people there tray to stold the money from the turists nobody will return there "
Miss I Caetano of London (Mature adult friends) stayed: Ali Hotel, Sep 2007

"Agree a price for everything in advance, otherwise you'll get completely stung. "
Mr E Hill of Stockport (Young couple) stayed: Riad Omar Hotel, Sep 2007

"Hassle is minimal compared to most mediterranean countries and egypt. People are friendly and not too pushy. Avoid eating at food dtells in centre of Djemaa el Fna where ther are loads of foreignors. Food is bad and incredibly overpriced. Look out for places where Moroccans are eating. "
Mrs J Mari of Bewdley (Mature adult friends) stayed: Ali Hotel, Sep 2007

"At the airport jump onto or wait for the l19 bus to Centreville same carpark as the taxis. Cost 20dh. Avoid the Taxis until you find youre feet. Get off at Djemma El Fna. Bus stops opposite Foucauld Hotel, theres a row of bus shelters and small park. "
Mr N Brayne of Banbury (Solo leisure) stayed: Islane Hotel, Sep 2007

"Walk and get lost in the city, it's the best way to see things! "
Miss M Moore of Bristol (Solo leisure) stayed: Hivernage And Spa Hotel, Aug 2007

"Bring your own towel as theres can be holey and bring ear plugs if your hearings good "
Miss A Male of Southampton (Young adult friends) stayed: Tachfine Hotel, Jul 2007

"Visit the local excursion/ ctm coach office just right on the corner of the hotel and book very cheap day trips to the coast and casablanca. Make very sure that any trips to far out places by train or coach that you find out the regular leaving times as some trips are only 1 or two a day! The main train service runs every 2 hours from marrakech - Casablanca - Rabat to Fes. Coaches are more infrequent as they journey to the desert and High atlas mountains and each trip takes 4 - 5 hours! If visiting the Cascades [ Waterfalls ] do not go at the weekend as it's populated by locals [ all men swimming] and extremly busy. If employing a guide make sure you tell them before you start you will only pay 25 - 35 dirhams and do not accept the fee of 200 dirhams. Visit during the week and take the coach not Grand taxi [ too exspensive]. Taxi's If the metre is not on in the taxi's ask for it to be switched on! And do not pay more than 30 -40 dirhams for a night cab home . If visiting Fes ask for a guide and go on a Friday Holy day from 9.30am and you will see sights that most tourists won't as the locals stay away for prayers. If your guide asks to take you to the Jewish quarters make sure he takes you to their Cemertary it's fab and most guides dont even tell you about them! Talk to the locals and shop in local Kasbahs which regenerates the community. Stay away from the Souk in the Jem naa Faa square it's much more exspensive and too much Hassling! "
Ms I Ali of Bethnal Green (Solo leisure) stayed: Oudaya Hotel, Jun 2007

"Always agree cab fare before getting in - they virtually always inflate the price (sometimes by treble), especially if you're carrying a lot of shopping from a day in the souks! There seems to be little you can do about being overcharged to and from the airport, however! "
Mr D Murton of Harrow (Family with teenage children) stayed: Amalay Hotel, Jun 2007

"Ask the riad to organise a taxi to collect you from the airport, we would never have found it otherwise! "
Ms S Watt of Edinburgh (Mature couple) stayed: Riad Karmela Hotel, Jun 2007

"Explore marakech "
Mr A Roshan of Stockton (Family with teenage children) stayed: Ali Hotel, May 2007

"Le Jardin de Tavernna dirrectly opposite (not the bar - the garden bit) was an open air restaurant tucked away as if it was inside a building. A beautiful ambiance for an evening meal and excellent food. Highly recommended "
Mrs W Male of Southampton (Solo leisure) stayed: Tachfine Hotel, May 2007

"Very near the centre, bus and train station. Easy to go anywhere. "
Ms E Rodriguez Desplobains of London (Mature adult friends) stayed: Ryad Mogador Marrakech Hotel, May 2007

"We found a riad opposite so same great location, better room and quiet at night. Breakfast wasnt as good but was considerably cheaper. Riad Omar is 500dirhams b+b only this was 360. its name is Riad Assia "
Mrs E Best of Great Wakering (Mature couple) stayed: Riad Omar Hotel, May 2007

"Buy water at supermarket around the corner. Trip to Atlas Mountains via Hotel was disorganised. Taxi to Medina from hotel Dnr20 don`t pay more. New town shopping good value for money (fixed prices) "
Mrs T Miles of Bristol (Mature couple) stayed: El Andalous Hotel, May 2007

"Its a great city. "
Name withheld of UK (Young couple) stayed: Islane Hotel, May 2007

"Lock your door with a chair or something if you are inside. "
Miss L Conejero of London (Young couple) stayed: Ryad Mogador Marrakech Hotel, Apr 2007

"This place is great value for money with a fantastic location. "
Ms C Rebecca of Aberdeen (Mature couple) stayed: Ali Hotel, Apr 2007

"Take care when crossing the roads! A little piece of tranquility - Jardin Majorelle Cafe Arabe - for a lovely meal Hotel Tazzi (think that was how it was spelt) for a good value beer before dinner in the square Dinner at the Djemaa El Fna square on the tressel tables was good value and no tummy upset! Saadian Tombs and Palaces are worth a visit too Great place for a three day visit "
Mr A Young of Haywards Heath (Mature couple) stayed: Islane Hotel, Apr 2007

"Be prepared. There's lots to do, so an itineray is often helpful. Do not be intimidated by beggars or hustlers, on the prowl for easy pickings. Do not be afraid to discuss taxi fares with the drivers, as there are so many of them there to chose from; If you think someone is fleecing you, simply walk away. Catch the Marrakesh Tour Bus, as it gives a good overall impression of the city, and is very cheap. The fruit juices are amazing and are definetly worth the price. "
Mr M Rashid of Leicester (Young adult friends) stayed: Al Kabir Hotel, Apr 2007

"I would return to this hotel "
Mr M Hayes of Christchurch (Mature couple) stayed: Islane Hotel, Apr 2007

"Make sure you spend all of your Dirhams before you leave since they are not accepted at the airport. Think this is a real con but true! Luckily, we were told before by some friends that had been. "
Name withheld of UK (Mature couple) stayed: El Andalous Hotel, Mar 2007

"You better learn French or yoiu'll be at a loss. "
Mr T James of Luton (Young couple) stayed: Ryad Mogador Menara Hotel, Feb 2007

"Taxi from airport to city should be no more that 100dh we got ripped off and charged 150. Crossing the road is hair raising. When the green man is showing the traffic only stops going one way so that when you reach the middle of the road you have to stop and wait for the other lanes to stop before you can continue crossing. If there are no lights beware, no one stops for you because you are on a pedestrian crossing. The moroccan people are very friendly but only a few speak a little English so making yourself understood can be a problem however the city is amazing and well worth a visit. The medina and the souks are a must especially at night. With the smells from the spices and the music from the acrobats and snake charmers ect the atmosphere is brilliant. Keep to the brightly lit tourist areas and you will be fine. There is a lot of hassle with people trying to sell you things but if you say a firm no they will usually leave you alone. There is a strong presence on the streets of tourist police who patrol in twos and keep and eye on things. A trip up to the atlas mountains is a must. The first part of the trip is through the valley where you see the people living a very simple life in the mountain villages but make sure when you book your trip that it goes right up to the snowline. We also took a train to Casablanca which is a three hour journey. We left Marrakech at 7am and got back at 9pm The return journey cost a total of £21. The second biggest mosque in the world is in Casablanca and you can have a guided tour and take photos at certain times of the day. Getting a taxi for the day is the best way of seeing the important sights ours cost us 600 dhs which is around £40 and well worth it. Casablanca is a big place. Drink bottled water and order the small bottles. We were informed that in some places they bring a large bottle and pour some for you so that you dont realise that its not sealed they then refill the bottle from the tap then sell it again. We had a great time and even in February the weather was warm and sunny.It was a real experience so go for it and enjoy. "
Mrs J Meakins of Lincoln (Seniors (65+)) stayed: Amalay Hotel, Feb 2007

"Do visit. I was nearly put off by reports in guides that there was a lot of hassle from sellers/ pickpockets etc. I had no probs whatsoever. I was told that there are now plain clothes tourist police which has stamped out the problems. A lot of work has gone on in Marrakesh to re- juvenate gardens/parks and buildings. "
Mr D Barton of Hereford (Solo leisure) stayed: Islane Hotel, Jan 2007

"Let go and relax (although not with your bags!) In Marrakech. It would be very easy to become uptight and not let yourself go, but if you do it's an amzing amazing place. Eat from the food stalls (they are all Health and Safety checked now), banter with the waiters, haggle to an extreme level in the souks. Learn a few words of Arabic. We saw so may expensive reatuarants and hotels, where in fact you'll never see the real Marrakech, which has so much to offer. "
Miss A Tupman of London (Young couple) stayed: Tachfine Hotel, Dec 2006

"Barter, Barter, Barter! From the minute you get off the plane be aware that whatever you are buying the locals will try and charge you about 10 times the realistic price for goods or services. Do not take anything as a "present" as you will be expected to pay for it and always agree on a price before accepting goods or services. "
Miss K O'Brien of Inverness (Young adult friends) stayed: Agdal Hotel, Dec 2006

"Where you can, always agree prices for things up front, otherwise you might be in for a few surprises. Unfortunately, even if ordering from menu's with prices, you have to keep your wits about you since they will sometimes try overcharge you (specifically in Marrakech) "
Mr S Allen of London (Young adult friends) stayed: Riad Omar Hotel, Dec 2006

"See the new part of the city as well as the medina, and do visit their beautiful gardens, they're well worth it. Learn some rudimentary French, and above all, keep your sense of humour! "
Ms D Daulby of Greenwich (Mature adult friends) stayed: Riad Moucharabieh Hotel, Dec 2006

"Use a guide book, or trusted local, to advise on prices then haggle until you reach the price you want. Always ask for a written bill in restaurants as the first, often verbal, total typically bears little relationship to what you actually had! "
Mr J Geall of London (Young couple) stayed: Ryad Mogador Marrakech Hotel, Dec 2006

"Get an official guide first so all the 'Faux' guides don't constantly hassel you ... it is very intimadating and they are solely after your money. Its better to pay an official guide up front and let him show all the sites of the Medina. Outside the Medina in the new town you won't need one ... its a bit more civilised but then it also has a Mcdonalds that kind of lets the side down a bit ... but what city doesn't now! Ignore the Arabs in the Medina main market square (Place Jamaâ El Fna) they make you where there hats that spin around, play their cow bell instruments really loudly, get you to give them your camera so they can take photos of you looking like a right idiot then when you've had enough of being completely humiliated they demand money off you, and no matter what you give them its not enough and they look at you like you filth. Just what you want when you go on holiday .. I don't think! Don't get lost in the Medina ... we did and it got a bit scary ... everyone knows your lost and will try to get money out of you to show you the way back to your Riad/ hotel but you just don't know whether to trust them. "
Mr J Regan of London (Young couple) stayed: Riad Moucharabieh Hotel, Nov 2006

"Take the tourist bus on both routes, 24 hours tickets for £8 stops at all the main attractions and you can hop on and off and catch the next bus, they are every half hour and the blue route takes you into the desert which was fantastic. "
Miss A Griffin of London (Solo leisure) stayed: Ali Hotel, Nov 2006

"Taxi drivers are scam. Ask them to use the meter machine! Otherwise pleasant city "
Mr M Haque of London (Young adult friends) stayed: Agdal Hotel, Nov 2006

"Marrakesh is a beautiful city and offers a lot to visitors to see and experience Arab culture. "
Mr B Sharma of Harrow (Solo business) stayed: Ryad Mogador Opera Hotel, Nov 2006